Origami Butterfly Kit


Let young kids discover the magic of creating their winged butterfly friends through the ancient Japanese art of Origami!

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The word origami comes from two Japanese words -”ori” which means to fold and “kami” which means paper.

This art is not only creative but also educational. It helps develop precision, concentration and many other faculties.

Japanese monks used origami as a means to do meditation.

It is fascinating to see how a single square sheet gets transformed into thousands of different forms and objects -animals, birds, structures, boxes, cards and lamps etc… all without glue and scissors.

This kit teaches you how to make origami butterflies. Paint them and decorate your home.

Materials given:

  • 6 sheets in different sizes, some with printed designs and the rest for your own designs
  • 6 pcs of copper wire for the antennas
  • 6 pcs of double scotch tape to fix it on your mirror, cupboard, curtain, anywhere…
  • Folding instructions and
  • A sample butterfly to help you fold.

Age Group: 8 & above.

Special pack for schools and children activity centres is available.

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